PURE MOBILE   vs.   DOLCE VITA  (2013 – 2014)

International project:

“Offline – Between Transits and Journeys gallery Largo do Intendente, Xerem – Lisbon, Portugal  

Not Finished28th annual Art Festival Reykjavík, Iceland   

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September 2013, Driving from the eastern fjord of Iceland, Seyðisfjörður, to Portugal on a Vespa scooter (40km/h) with 10 kilos of salted, dried cod (bacalhau da Islândia) in the luggage – pure Icelandic bacalhau  from Fiskverkun Kalla Sveins, a suprememe quality product sans any chemical additives and important Icelandic heritage – to ultimately arrive at the southern edge of Europe all the way from the northern edge. Along the way, travelling through different European countries, presenting this art piece in galleries in those different countries. The artist as a messenger, as an art piece –as performance art.

This project, Between Transits & Journeys, was selected by Xerem – Cultural Association (Lisbon) and Triangle Network (London), where I exhibited this performance. (PURE MOBILE)


After the showing and presentation in Lisbon, I was then invited to the Not Finished28th annual Art Festival Reykjavík, Iceland  in May 2014, to present the journey back to Iceland from Portugal. Thus the project was further developed around the second part of an act – namely bringing 10 kilos of supreme quality Portuguese sweet potatoes (batata doce) back the same way I arrived, travelling on the same scooter. The sweet potatoes being an integral part of the local heritage of Aljezur, southern Portugal. (DOLCE VITA)

 Along the way back to Iceland I once again presented the voyage and local product to wide audiences in universities and galleries around Europe. Everything documented by video, sound and text.


The project has been an ongoing project, for almost a year now, created by experimentation, but also carefully underscoring that it goes beyond the present contemporary artistic situation. It is meant to give weight to the hierarchy in societies, the history of trade and lost connections, weighing the values of long distances against the short ones, focusing on connections between the North and the South in particular, but also on minor countries and things that are genuinely unique to them. The authentic, pure vs. impure production, centralization and the way of thinking and developing ideas…

The artist as a messenger and the journey “between“, “the delivery of the movement itself” concluded in Mauricius in June 2014 where the ultimate dish of Fish & Chips was offered at Coral beach. This idea being based on another – The return of the Real and Saudades da Terra – was performance act from beginning to end.

Monika Fryčová – performance act / episode – Moving sculptures  n.2

Publication : 2014 – Fryčová, Pure Mobile vs. Dolce Vita. (Fantasy vs. Discipline vol.1) forthcoming







Presentation: Nordjyske -Mitliv, Thisted, Denmark/ Galleria 25 Aprile, Cremona, Italy/ Dorothea Schluter Gallery, Hamburg, Germany/Gallery Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic /Nádvoří Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno, Czech Republic /Morravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic/Island without Borders Festival, Ponorka, Olomouc, Czech Republic/GELITIN studio, Vienna, Austria/ Arc de Triumph, Barcelona, Spain/ Tertulia Associação Cultural, Aljezur, Portugal/Carpintaria São Lázaro, Lisbon, Portugal/Skaftfell / Center for Visual Art, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland/Not Finished 28th annual Art Festival Reykjavík, Iceland/Festival da Batata-Doce, Aljezur, Portugal/ Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto, Portugal/Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland/ Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic/Flic Flac, Partage/Mauritius


Supported by:  Fiskverkun Kalla Sveins /þorgeir and Sigurbergur Sigurdsson /Þórunn Svavarsdóttir /Jón  Smári/

Petr Vlček / Detour Production/Smyril Line



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